Helpful scripts

Any of the scripts below can be run by typing npm run <script name> in the project’s root directory.


Script name | Description — | — dev | Spawn a hot-reloading dev server on port 3200. deps-check | Generate a size and licensing report on Swagger UI’s dependencies. lint | Report ESLint style errors and warnings. lint-errors | Report ESLint style errors, without warnings. lint-fix | Attempt to fix style errors automatically. watch | Rebuild the core files in /dist when the source code changes. Useful for npm link with Swagger Editor.


Script name | Description — | — build | Build a new set of JS and CSS assets, and output them to /dist. build-bundle | Build swagger-ui-bundle.js only (commonJS). build-core | Build swagger-ui.(js\|css) only (commonJS). build-standalone | Build swagger-ui-standalone-preset.js only (commonJS). build-stylesheets | Build swagger-ui.css only. build:es:bundle | Build swagger-ui-es-bundle.js only (es2015). build:es:bundle:core | Build swagger-ui-es-bundle-core.js only (es2015).


Script name | Description — | — test | Run unit tests in Node, run Cypress end-to-end tests, and run ESLint in errors-only mode. just-test-in-node | Run Mocha unit tests in Node. test:unit-jest | Run Jest unit tests in Node. e2e | Run end-to-end tests (requires JDK and Selenium). e2e-cypress | Run end-to-end browser tests with Cypress. dev-e2e-cypress | Dev mode, open Cypress runner and manually select tests to run. lint | Run ESLint test test:artifact | Run list of bundle artifact tests in Jest test:artifact:umd:bundle | Run unit test that confirms swagger-ui-bundle exports as a Function test:artifact:es:bundle | Run unit test that confirms swagger-ui-es-bundle exports as a Function test:artifact:es:bundle:core | Run unit test that confirms swagger-ui-es-bundle-core exports as a Function